Stone Carved Brahma Statue

In Hinduism names of three Gods also known as Trimurti – Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Maheshwara (the destroyer) are often taken in one breath. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma was the first God who was responsible for creating the whole of mankind.
It is believed that the four faces or heads of Lord Brahma signify the four Vedas or Holy Scriptures of Hinduism. Each head is dedicated to one Veda- Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva-Veda. This divinely inspired statue of brahma is a handmade statue created from original stone with hand flawless finishing supported by a stone base with micro detailing and patterns. Artisans crafted this statue using traditional hand carving technique.