Open your doors to eternal bliss and embrace the finest statues of Hindu deities from our divine collection. Our skilled craftsmen have got all the necessary tools to provide extra-ordinary finishing, beautifully painted idols that are adorned with jewels. All that is in their hearts is the divine love, and this love transcends their emotions to bring brass, metals, and clay into their perfect forms.
We export huge varieties of home decor statues of gods including:
The Nataraja (Dancing Shiva), The Ganesha (The Elephant head God), The Shiva (The Destroyer of all evils), The Krishna, (The preacher of Geeta), The Vishnu (The preserver of the universe), Maa Durga (The Goddess on Tiger), Maa Saraswati (The Goddess of all arts, knowledge and wisdom), Maa Lakshmi (The Goddess of wealth and money), The Buddha (The Enlightened one), Goddess Tara, The Laughing Buddha (Budai), and many more.
We also specialize in a variety of other masterpieces, including statues of elephants, horses, and lions. Each of these is designed to make your homes, places of worship, gardens or offices more stunning and attractive.
Get inspiration from our rare collection below.

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