India is a unique example in the world of ethnic mixes; a multicultural place where for centuries peoples, empires, crowns have succeeded each other and each of them has left a trace, a fragment of history that can be found not only in food and architecture but also in handicraft products. We would like that there be a fragment of India in every house because it epitomizes an inimitable piece in the world and expresses a lot about us and our history. Our hands have been at work since 1981 and have inspired thousands of people all around the globe.
Our highly professional skilled workers at Arvind handicrafts always have a huge stock of a wide range of beautifully designed and delicately carved fine arts that communicate ideas, feelings, memories, and the uniqueness of Indian culture.
All we know is creativity. We use different techniques and modern methods to bring the best out of wood, iron, resin, brass, fiber, camel bone, glass, textile, fashion jewelry, etc., and create modern designs with ancient techniques and transform them into a unique form of fine arts which include: Statues, jewelry boxes, mirror frames, flower pots with beautiful paintings and calligraphy, door hangings, and lots more. Each of the items is designed with love and dedication using the highest quality products that will surely add exceptional value to your homes or offices. India is the home with unique products, and this is what we want to export.

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